Himanshika Sharma

In Conversation With Shweta Brijpuria

A poet at heart and marketer by profession, Shweta Brijpuria is a hard core Bhopali. As eldest sibling in her family, she enjoys the role of 'didi' even outside home. She is known in the family for doing things she... Continue Reading →


Mr. Right – A Journey Towards Him by Shweta Brijpuria

Blurb: It’s the supreme power that decides that one made for you; all you do is create a deep desire of how you want him to be. They call him your soul-mate, but souls are meant to be set free.... Continue Reading →

Coming Back Home By Anuradha Prasad

Blurb: Arpita is on top of the world! After all, she was the fresh face of Ponds India and had snubbed the casting couch of Bollywood to land a leading role in the small screen’s most popular channel. Life never... Continue Reading →

In Conversation with Anuradha Prasad

Anuradha Prasad is a feature writer, artist, and a model. She had the privilege of working with the best publications in the country. She has published thousands of articles with the top Newspapers and Magazines. She has a Ph.D. in... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With Rushank Mishra!

Rushank Mishra, an architect by profession and a poet by passion, is one of the talented young poets of this era. In a recent conversation, he shared some insights of his life. Let's have a read: Q. I Would like... Continue Reading →

Band Kamre Ke Khwab by Rushank Mishra

About the Book: This book is a short collection of Hindi poems. The poems in the book cover various topics. From a poem written on the selfless nature of a mother to the one written on the reality of life... Continue Reading →

37+ Grace Marks: …Because Life Is Beyond Numbers By Vishal Anand

  Blurb: What happens when you fall in love at first sight? That too in college, which is supposed to be the best time of one's life. But is it the best place to find love too? Viraj falls head... Continue Reading →

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