Q.  I would like you to share something about yourself with our readers.

After leaving Kashmir, my native place of birth and brought up in 1974, I along with my family found us somewhat disillusioned with the apathetic social life of Delhi to adjust with. It stood in total contrast with the life we had enjoyed in the erstwhile Kashmir that was natural, honest, unpretentiously social, friendly, cooperative and devoid of any inhibitions whatsoever.

Having come off a poor family background from my native place, I have struggled too hard in my long journey, to achieve a dignified position as CMD of Mariental India Pvt. Ltd., an engineering consulting company of repute, which I founded   in 1988 as an Indo-German Joint Venture.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of writing this genre?

I wanted to give vent to my accumulated feelings of disgust against the corrupt, unethical, and inimical medical practices prevailing in Delhi that deprive a poor    patient of a genuine treatment, in his fond hope to get relief from his physical suffering, mental stress and economic injury.

Q. Where did you find the inspiration to write this book?

The prologue of my book is itself titled as “An Inspiration to Write” that answers this question. My soul mate Durga suffered a mild illness after the family shifted from    Kashmir to Delhi and the entire course of the medical treatment she received regularly thereafter was precisely diarised by me, provided me the material to write this book, to unravel the atrocious cracks in the entire system.

Q. What all was going in your head while penning down this book?

As how the doctors instead of providing a healing touch or psychological relief to a patient, try to create fear of unknown in his mind , in order to convince him to undergo unnecessary investigations, hospitalization, surgery, and multi-disciplinary consultations etc until he turns bankrupt.

Q. How much time you used to commit to this book?

Sometime 2 to 3 pages a day, while at times one page in 2 to 3 days

Q. Was there any moment you backed off from the idea of writing a book?

No, never.

Q. How do you handle the criticism that comes towards your way?

Since the book is based on facts and is not a fiction, there is hardly any scope for criticism. Nevertheless in the last paragraph of the Prologue, I have requested the readers to convey their comments or book review to the author and oblige.’

Q. How was your experience with the publisher throughout the publishing of the book?


Q. How would you like to advice budding authors?

Understand your field of interest that appeals to you somewhat intensely. Be creative to explore its intricacies that only a few may have ventured before. Keep a pencil and note-pad always handy to jot down the thoughts there and then, as they pop up all of a sudden in your mind. Write the pages only when you are relaxed and   the mind has an inspirational mood for you to write.

Book Review: Durga