About the Book:

Love is like trudging on the sharp edge of a razor. If you’re not careful, you’re bound to hurt yourself. ‘Tis not just the tale of Juno’s swans, but of two people met by chance. She’s an ambivert girl, stricken with her demons. He’s a carefree spirit and tenderhearted. On the way of getting along, love sneakily makes its way into their lives. While he’s being upfront about his feelings, she chooses to live in denial. Whether he will be able to pull her from the grasp of darkness or will she succumb to her fears and give up what her heart has been seeking so affectionately, find out in I LOVE YOU… a little too much.

Writing & Narration:

The writing and narration styles of the author are quite simple yet elegant. The author has the knack of keeping readers hooked with their stories.

Title & Cover:

Both of them are attractive and simple.


  • Good narration
  • Hooking story
  • Good language


  • There could have been more twists and turns

My Verdict:

It’s a sweet love story of a girl, named Sharanya, who enters her dream medical college. Being away from socializing with people, she experiences a new life here, with new friends, and her first love. The way story turns out to be is superb and amazing.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Buy: I Love You A Little Too Much

In Conversation With Shambhaviee Upadhyay