About the Book:

The book is described in seven chapters with Prologue explaining the contents of each Chapter and the Epilogue, a brief biography of Durga and her once in a lifetime dream visits abroad.

The first chapter is an attribute to the development of the medical science from ancient Vedic scriptures, followed by the description of Unani and Ayurvedic schools of medicine that prevailed in Kashmir, which then got swept over by the sudden boom of allopathic treatment through synthetic drugs, because the system was pronounced to be more efficient for instant relief, besides being systematic, scientific and logical backed further by surgical interventions whenever necessary.

The first chapter titles as “Philanthropy of the Physicians then and the Doctrine of the Doctors now” is a very interesting chapter backed by some very interesting case studies. The physicians of the yore are portrayed as true philanthropists as they would simply aim at alleviating the suffering of the sick and curing them back to normalcy with least interest in any material gains in return, while as the extent and quality of the services expected from most of the Doctors in private practice now is a direct function of the amount of fee received.

The next two chapters describe the last one year of Durga’s struggle against her perpetual indispositions and the doctor’s apathy or inability to investigate the root cause of the steadily deterioration in her health, the observations of which recorded meticulously and narrated in the book, expose the inimical practices prevailing in the system which inflicts unbearable physical and emotional stresses on the patient who eventually give in as ‘Fatal Face Down.’

Writing & Narration:

Keeping the concept in mind, this book niche demanded detailed descriptions and profound research. And, the writer has done it very well. The writing and narration both are amazingly done in the book.

Title & Cover:

The title & the cover both match well with the content. I liked the cute picture of Durga ma’am.


  • Important information
  • Practical description
  • Good language


I didn’t find anything bad.

My Verdict:

The book contains a huge comparison between the yesteryear’s Vaids and today’s modern doctors. Of course, the difference is enormous and sad as well. Today, with an advancement in technology, the caliber of doctors seem to be reducing. And, I can say that with my personal experience.

Doctors are just trying to make money out of their patients, without any hope of treating their pain and illnesses. This book contains amazing descriptions, comparisons, and touching reality of how the protagonist suffered her way to peace, despite being surrounded by skilled and proficient doctors.

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: Durga: A Fatal Face Down

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