About the Book:

The book is a compilation of author’s thoughts , poems, quotes and paragraphs. An observant nature, sensible mind and a sensitive heart has resulted in this anthology.

These are 5 a.m thoughts, penned down in relation to experiences, stories heard, books read, people met, conversations held, tears witheld, real and pretentious meetings, spiritual and religious folks, pure and contaminated hearts, smiles and masks, solitude and crowds, people who kept and left, birds and humans, family and friends all who have loved and a few who have taught a lesson.

Writing & Narration:

As mentioned above, this book comprises some small poems, anecdotes, and thoughts, which have been curated very beautifully. Each thought and every poem is very meaningful and can be felt deeply.

Title & Cover:

Actually, to be honest, I didn’t understand the meaning of the title. In Punjabi, I guess, it’s called zero. But, I am not so sure. However, as far as the cover is concerned, it’s simple and elegant.


  • Attractive narration
  • Appropriate selection of words
  • Good language


I didn’t find anything bad.

My Verdict:

This book doesn’t contain any life-turning story; however, the words, poems and thoughts that have been put inside surely give you the sense of several different stories and life-lessons. It’s a good one, especially for those who wish to know how a writer can explain so much in so little words. So, for the curious lot, this one is a must to grab.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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