About the Book:

Somewhere, we are not at ease with our life. In most of the cases, it does not behave the way it must, because its various aspects are unverified and unauthentic. Everyone`s life is different. By decoding the pattern of our life, we can choose and design it the way we want.

The thought-provoking statements, logic, and allegory of the book “You Are Your Answer” encourages readers to re-think and re-verify the various aspects, directly or indirectly, associated with their lives.

The fresh, vivid and logical representation of the topic would be quite easy for the readers to connect with the current trend of life and the world. This book informs how a human life can be lived wisely and smartly with ease by decoding its pattern.”

Writing & Narration:

Being a self-help book, the narration seems to be quite fine. The author has put in efforts in explaining each and every aspect of life, which is quite visible, too. The language is simple and can be easily understood. Even if you’re a new book reader, you will understand what the author wants to say.

Title & Cover:

The cover is well-designed and the title matches well with the concept.


  • Simple explanation
  • Easy going language
  • Important aspects of life explained


The presentation could have been a bit better.

My Verdict:

Most of the times, we don’t understand our values unless someone deliberately comes and imbibes facts in our mind. The author has taken the initiative to make readers realize “They are their answers.” So, if you feel stuck somewhere in life, do give this book a read to get clarity.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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