About the Book:

This book is an anthology of perspectives. Each poem joins the other like the beads of a rosary to form a beautiful panorama of the poet’s take on times. Each poem has been conceived, nurtured and written with pure love. Everything is so much more than what meets the eye. The understanding of this depth is what constitutes wisdom while the admiration and celebration of this beautiful chaos is called poetry. These poems represent the latent goodness, the hope in everything that comes to pass. There is so much beauty around, even in the drab and the despair, that if looked at through the right lens, nothing is shy of a muse, everything is a song and everyone has it in them to be a poet.

Writing & Narration:

Since the book contains a variety of poems; hence, it was necessary to put extra efforts. The poetess has done a great job in explaining every detail. Be it the words selection or the presentation, everything seems to be absolutely perfect.

Title & Cover:

The cover is simple and minimalist. The title seems to follow suit, too.


  • Perfect selection of words
  • Amazingly described poems


I didn’t find anything bad in it.

My Verdict:

This book comprises a variety of poems, based on different aspects of life. With perfect explanation and presentation, these poems are surely going to touch with right strings of your heart.

Ratings: 4/5

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