About the Book:

It’s a story of Jay Jani from Vadodara, who firmly believes in the power of imagination. During his graduation at the MS University of Vadodara, he falls in love with beautiful Preeti Chauhan.

Things become interesting & surprising when Maruti, the God arrived in his dream, Jay asked Maruti that he wants to become a very famous & successful person, Maruti said yes but I will take something in return from you & Maruti disappeared.

Jay started his MBA study in Rajkot, where he met gorgeous Deepika. Suddenly zoom TV announced a storytelling competition, where the winner will get an opportunity to work as an assistant director with the living legend Shyam Benegal sir.

Jay participates in it. To find what actually happened with Jay Jani please read the entire story … and get the answers of following questions.

What happened between Jay & Preeti in Vadodara? How Maruti came in his dream? What was their conversation? What Maruti will take from Jay for his success? Can Jay win that storytelling competition? Was Deepika really gorgeous?

Writing & Narration:

I felt the writing and narration parts to be quite fine. Although there are some mistakes in the language and editing; however, they can always be corrected.

Title & Cover:

The cover is attractive and the title matches well with the story.


  • Simple explanation
  • Easy going story


Grammar and proofreading could have been better.

My Verdict:

Based in the Gujarati city, this story belong to a cute Gujarati guy who meets a foreigner and tells her something beautiful and interesting, on which this story is based on. I kinda liked it.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Buy: Yes, I met maruti

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