About the Book:

She comes from an educated family, and pursuing her graduation in the city, she returns to her village. It is then that she realises the sheer difference that exists between city and village life.

She is very happy upon meeting the villagers, and observing their natural beauty. It is then that she meets a girl her age she comes to know more about the locals, and realises that the people of the village are very innocent, honest, simple and it is only due to a lack of awareness that they flock towards radical ideologies.

Finally, she decides to return to the village and improve society through social work, and modernize it. She does so with the help of her best friend in the village, and her classmate.

In this duration, she faces a lot of problems. Her family was against her decision of returning to the village, opening a new school for the village children, and her fight against child marriage.

She convinces her family to open a hospital for the villagers and also motivates her boyfriend to become an IAS officer. Read to find out why she wants to serve the society and fulfill her dream of the ideal village.

Writing & Narration:

Written in Hindi, I liked the way the author has portrayed different characters and narrated the zeal towards development and change. However, there are certain writing issues that can be easily corrected with proper proofreading.

Title & Cover:

The cover and title both are simple and good enough for the concept.


  • Simple explanation
  • Developing concept
  • Kind of inspirational


Grammar and proofreading could have been better.

My Verdict:

Unlike others, this story revolves around an educated girl who returns back to the village and brings the wave of development with her. The story has determination, power, love, hatred, and everything else. Good efforts from the author’s end.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Buy: She & Her Ideal Village

In Conversation with Ghanshyam Pandey