About the Book:

We see the physical challenges of autistic people and children, but never see ourselves or the people around us who are emotionally autistic, but are afraid to admit it.

Being emotionally autistic means – the problems we carry in our head, the pain, anger, hatred for ourselves and others.

Some of us have perverted minds that are so prominent in our society, dangers we don’t know about that are moving along with us- unknown, unseen, unheard, unaware.

We all are emotionally autistic – carrying around the burden of day-to-day pain, sorrow, anger, and loathing.

Writing & Narration:

Being a self-help genre book, the author has to put extra efforts in writing and narration; and here, the authoress seems to have done a good job. The way this concept has been explained is good enough. However, there are some editing and proofreading mistakes that can be corrected in the next edit.

Title & Cover:

The cover is attractive and the title matches well with the story.


  • Simple explanation
  • Correctly pointed situations
  • Self-help


Grammar and proofreading could have been better.

My Verdict:

Out of all the things, talking about Indians’ mentality has become a grave issue. Awareness is quite important, be it of religion or social etiquette. With this book, the author has tried pointing out autistic mentality of our society. It’s high time it should be corrected. This is a must-read book not just for youngsters but elders as well to understand where they’re going wrong.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Buy: Emotionally Autistic

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