About the Book:

The book talks about a doctor, Meera, who despite growing up in America, is more fond of her Indian culture and how she settled down her life after getting broken beyond fixation.

Writing & Narration:

I actually liked the way the author has narrated each and every incident in this story. With perfect writing and perfect narration, the author has done justice with the characters and story line.

Title & Cover:

The cover is simple and sophisticated and the title match well with the story.


  • Simple explanation
  • Perfect grammar
  • Connecting story line


Didn’t find anything bad.

My Verdict:

This book actually teaches women a lot of things, as an individual. No matter what your age is, until you’re breathing, your life goes on. Thus, it’s never too late to start. I loved how the author motivated Meera’s character to live for herself, without having any other love story blooming up, when the previous one got finished. A must read for women out there.

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: Meera: Life Journey

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