About the Book:

On the coarse surface of life, the author just happened to observe a few images unevenly balanced. He tried to draw more sketches of those images but it still remains uneven. This collection of poem is the result of that effort.

Writing & Narration:

I actually loved the way the poet has narrated each and every incident that he came across. With perfect writing and perfect narration, the poet has infused life in every situation.

Title & Cover:

The cover and title both are good enough.


  • Relatable situations
  • Beautifully explained


Didn’t find anything bad.

My Verdict:

The book has some amazing collection of poems, written according to the situations that poets came across. Each of the poem has its own charm and amazingness. A must read for poem lovers!

Ratings: 4/5

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In Conversation with A.K Vijay Kumar Nambiar