About the Book:

‘Why MBA?’ is one of the most haunted questions every B-school aspirant has to answer in an interview.

No matter what he or she answers to get an admission, very few have a clue why they are doing MBA, and those who do, their answer seldom has anything to do with Business Administration.

This is a story of Jay who gets an admission in the best B-school of India without knowing an answer to the question ‘Why MBA?’

Nevertheless, in his journey, he meets two friends, Abhimanyu and Ishaan, who have an answer to this question. For Abhimanyu it’s money, whereas for Ishaan it’s passion.

As a faith would have it, by the end of Jay’s journey, he faces the dilemma–money or passion! What would Jay choose?

Will Abhimanyu and Ishaan regret their decision of single-minded persuasion of money and passion?

Will B-school journeys of Abhimanyu and Ishaan help Jay in making the final decision?

Writing & Narration:

The writing & narration parts of the author are simple yet catching. The author has successfully managed to present different aspects of the story in a relatable way.  

Title & Cover:

The cover and title both match the story well


  • A relatable concept
  • Language is good 
  • Prevalent story line


The explanation is quick. 

My Verdict:

Getting admission in a B school is really a tough thing. And, you cannot always find your true calling but still follow the herd. This book is all about following your passion and dreams. Quite a well written concept with a lot of things to relate.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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