About the Book:

Two warriors, one who lost her mother, and the other one who lost his life partner were told by the society that they won’t be able to survive without the mother at home, because raising a young daughter was never done by a man alone. The book is author’s life in words, which she dictates to her mother with a bisexual perspective of both a man and a woman. Living without the manual guidelines of her mother, she created thoughts and understood life in her own way. The narrative tells you about the everyday struggle of keeping a smile on your face. You will see how beautifully a father and daughter managed to become the mother of their house and evolved as a complete family.

Writing & Narration:

The writing and narration part ooze emotions that cannot be explained very easily and simply. With quite a perfect narration, it seems that the authoress has put her heart in these words. 

Title & Cover:

Title & Cover both are interesting enough. 


  • Touching concept
  • Language & narrative seem to be good enough 
  • Words are sensitively emotional


The presentation could have been a bit more interesting. 

My Verdict:

Mothers are those angels we get without even asking for. And, honestly enough, we don’t get to understand their importance until we are parted from them. Mothers are blessings that shouldn’t be taken for granted. And, for a person who lost her very early, this book would have been a tough scenario. Kudos and strength to the authoress. 

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: Hello Mother: The Afterlife

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