About the Book:

Through the landscape of Hyderabad move a host of characters such as journalists, beauticians, politicians, ad filmmakers and naxalites. There is political one-upmanship, commitment to focused goals, emotional blackmail, a near-disastrous abduction and an unforgettable love story. 

Writing & Narration:

The way the author has narrated the entire story is quite appreciative. Every scenario and every scene is described with nothing but precision. And, as far as the writing part is concerned, even that’s quite good, too. 

Title & Cover:

The way characters of this book act, for that, the title is appropriate. And, the cover also seems to be good enough. 


  • Well-written story
  • Precise explanation
  • Appropriately done inter-linking 


Didn’t find anything bad enough to point out.

My Verdict:

In reality, there are millions of people who just give up on living the life their way just because they think that the society might not approve of it. In this story, the main character leaves the elite life that his politician father had bestowed just to pursue his inner calling and throughout the way, falls in love with a divorcee mother with two kids. How the story takes turns and throws brow-raising scenarios is quite good. 

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: The Inner Calling 

In Conversation with Sivadas Sreevatsan