About the Book:

Ishqedaariyan is a collection of poems. The poems consolidated in this collection fundamentally try to emote various shades of one’s feelings and experiences. Ishqedaari essentially means a relation based on love. Love, be it towards any special person, or the work we do or the life or nature, brings happiness, pain, peace, and belongingness in one’s life. It makes living emotionally easy. The poet tries to bring various emotions which evolve in the endless journey of love. 

Writing & Narration:

The writing as well as the presentation – both the parts are good enough and appreciative. 

Title & Cover:

Title seems to match the book’s content. And, the cover is quite simple and good-looking. 


  • Well-written 
  • Precise explanation of emotions
  • English & Hindi typing


It could have been a bit better

My Verdict:

This book contains several poems, in Hindi and in English typing. These poems describe various emotions in a precise manner. Right from love to the sense of heart-break, these poems are good enough. You can give it a shot once. 

Ratings: 3/5

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In Conversation with Shreya Solanke