About the Book:

Robert Xavier is a normal boy with abnormal abilities who avoids facing the realities of the world.

A sudden, unexpected transformation alters the entire course of his life. A life which is filled with strange twists, terrifying secrets and unavoidable circumstances.

How can a hopeless boy become the only hope for a land which transcends his powers and capabilities?

Will he be able to solve the mysteries woven to the Transformation?

Amaranthine is a quest to search the true meaning of life.

This is the first installment of the saga. Robert’s journey doesn’t end here…

Writing & Narration:

Narrative part of this book is just marvelous. Right from the way of imagination to the way of presentation, everything is up-to-the-mark. I loved the concept of this book as well. 

Title & Cover:

Considering the creatures of this book, the title is quite relevant. And, the good is good enough as well. 


  • Exceptionally well-written concept
  • Out-of-the-box idea
  • Good attempt at explaining every emotion


Although there were some up and downs in the grammar part, but apart from that, the book has nothing so bad. 

My Verdict:

Not many people know but I am a huge fan of vampires. Like, I am literally obsessed with them. So, undoubtedly, I’d have loved the story. However, apart from that, the concept is quite commendable. Since I’ve mentioned vampires, it’s no mushy love story of a human and a blood sucking creature, but something very different. The imagination part of the author is appreciable. It has mystery, suspense, shock, and all the mix emotions. Extremely recommended. 

Ratings: 4.5/5

Buy: Amaranthine: The Revelation

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