About the Book:

‘Let Me Fly’ is the third book in series of his poetry books. Previous two, Sabdon Ki Laharen and Dastha-e-Kashmir are in Hindi. He does not want his lovely poetry lovers who do not understand Hindi to be deprived of reading his compositions. ‘Let Me Fly’ consists of all types of human feelings, behaviors, and attitude in the various situations of life. 

Writing & Narration:

The writing and narration – both of the parts are just marvelous. I simply just loved every poem of this book. 

Title & Cover:

Title is relevant and the cover is quite simple, which is good.


  • Good attempt at explaining every emotion
  • Touchy and amazing word selection
  • Perfect coverage of different topics


Nothing bad could be found in the book

My Verdict:

This book contains some amazing poems. It has been divided into 8 different parts that target different problems of our society. Each and every poem has been described beautifully. Overall, I liked it very much. 

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: Let Me Fly 

In Conversation with Baleshwar Prasad