‘Give a man a fish, you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for the lifetime.’

Reservation perpetuates the system of caste in the Indian society. Our constitution makers wanted to improve the conditions of the backward sections by creating equality in the society, but the present system of reservation has worked against this goal by segregating these sections from the mainstream.

It has also contributed to hatred among people from different castes. It has promoted and strengthened caste-based loyalties instead of patriotism. Therefore, the time demands a change and look-over at the present reservation policy so that the weaker section of society gets the benefit and not the privileged ones.

Our aim should be the upliftment of poor and not “Dirty Vote Politics.”

This book will help you unleash your inner thoughts and initiate a change. 70 years are 7 times more what framers thought to achieve in 10 years.

About the Book:

Out of many others, one thing that can fill rage in a ‘General category’ Indian is the system of reservation. While all of us are experiencing it in every field, not many of us know how it emerged and divided us as a nation. This book teaches us just that. The author has dug the history and took out some of the important incidences that led to the development of reservation. This book is all about that.

Writing & Narration:

While the book comprises some useful information of our history, there seems to be a bit ups and downs in the writing & narration part and there were some errors in the language, too.

Title & Cover:

I literally loved both the cover and the title.


  • I loved the poem in the beginning
  • Research seems to be perfect
  • A good initiative at shedding light on the history of reservation
  • Much-needed information


Language & typing errors

My Verdict:

It’s true that reservation started as a tool to provide rights to people who were not considered deserving. However, today the state has been reserved. The concept is taking away rights from those who deserve it the most. I appreciate the efforts that the author has put into this book. There is useful information and the pictures make it even more interesting to read.

Ratings: 4/5

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