Q. How did you come up with the idea of writing this genre ?

I do not think from a beginning that I would be writer. One day i was little sad and was sitting in my room I do not understand what to do then suddenly do not know what happened I just tried to write a poem and by God’s grace I even completed that poem and that poem i show to my friends they all enjoyed that poem then only I started writing poetry and shers.

Q. Where did you find the inspiration to write this book ?

From my friends , my friends told me that you write well , keep writing like this and gradually I wrote a complete book of shayari.

Q. what exactly does your book convey ?

My book is telling that the shadow of reality always moves along with us , we must always believe in God and this book is also telling about the need of love and different colors of emotions.

Q. What all was going in your head while penning down this book ?

As I say that I do not what happened I just tried to write a poem and gradually that poem turns into a whole book.

Q. How much you used to commit this book ?

It took me 4 years to write this book.

Q. was there any moment you backed off from the idea of writing a book ?

When I was doing MBA then I thought I should quit writing this book because during MBA I lived in hostel and I was very busy in studies , assignments and class presentations and after MBA I started writing this book again.

Q. How do you handle the criticism that comes towards your way ?

There is a positive and negative response of everything , no one is perfect . I welcome both positive as well as negative response . Positive response gives me happiness and negative response inspires me to write much more better .

Q. How was your experience with blue rose throughout the publishing of the book ?

I had a very good experience with blue rose publishers . This is my first book and blue rose publishers guided me a lot and I have learned many new things with blue rose publishers which will definitely help me in future.

Q. How would you like to advise budding authors ?

Always work hard and write your book with heart and  put all your emotions in your book . Never panic with negative responses , always look ahead and moves towards your destination.

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