Ever got stumped by the humble comma?

Did you ever pause to think whether that beautiful sentence that you just wove needed to be joined with its another half by a colon or a semicolon?

Do you break out into a huge sweat everytime you stared at a dash, a bracket, a brace, a dash– be it an en or an em?

If the answer to all this is a big YES, then look no further.

This easy to understand, well-structured book, broken into succinct individual chapters, takes you through the nitty gritty of all the 14 Superstar Rules of English Grammar Punctuation.

And what’s more__it’s written by the expert himself, one with tons of teaching experience behind him?

Definitely, a huge boon for all lovers of the language, more so for anyone looking to perfect the Queen’s English.

About the Book:

If someone missed attending English lectures in school, this book is here to help. It contains profound information on Punctuation, including Comma, Full Stop, Brackets, Dash, and much more.

Writing & Narration:

Since it is all about the English language itself, the writing aspect is up-to-the-mark.

Title & Cover:

Title is good enough, and the cover is simple.


  • Good attempt at explaining the A to Z of Punctuation
  • In-depth knowledge
  • Perfect coverage of every topic


Nothing bad could be found in the book

My Verdict:

If there is one thing that writers or English-enthusiasts dread the most, then that’s wrong punctuation. Taking away this hassle, the author has, very profoundly, jot down notes on every important subject. Hence, the book is quite a treat to read.

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: English Grammar For All: A to Z of Punctuation

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