About the Book:

Actually a completely different genre, the author has put a lot of efforts in writing this book, which is completely visible. If the story is true – hats off to the author for thinking and executing such a brilliant idea.

Writing & Narration:

Writing & narration both are well enough, however, the editing aspect lagged behind at certain areas.

Title & Cover:

Title is good enough, the cover could have been more relevant.


  • Good attempt
  • Nice portrayal of charachters
  • Brilliant idea
  • Amazing execution


Editing part could have been better

My Verdict:

Accordingly, it is our right to know what is happening with our country and what our leads up to. However, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen the right way. So, the author came up with an amazing idea. Though the entire thing created a fuss, things didn’t go the right way. Anyhow, the entire concept was a treat to read. If interested in politics and the system, this book is a must read.

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: Unknown Tribute to PM

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