“At a snail’s pace, she stepped inside. ‘Dad’ flashed on her phone. She stood like a statue and looked fixedly at her phone until it stopped ringing.”

“Around 12:30 p.m., she booked a cab from office to her home. She wasn’t sure how to keep her heart calm in these forty minutes of travel. Her mind made so many plans for the day…”

“Her over-amiable, quick-witted and prying nature probably exasperated all of us and especially me. She would cackle over anything. I loathed her and my hate was snowballing visibly. ”

“Every day they would greet each other with morning wishes, would call each other once or twice in a week, would share writings, jokes but with time things started fading. Busy life and hesitation entered their bond. ”

Dipped in a twinge of silence, this collection of short stories will make you travel through a tunnel of emotions from love and heartbreaks to friendship and bonding. This book has oodles of emotions grappling with relationships, modern-day life choices, patriarchy, societal pressures, platonic bonds, etc.

About the Book:

The book contain a number of short stories, embedded with several emotions. There is rebelliousness, heartbreaks, love, betrayals, and much more. Most importantly, there is a flow of emotion that never ceases throughout the book.

Writing & Narration:

Writing part of the authoress is good enough, however, there were a few grammatical errors. As far as the narration is concerned, then the job has been done very appropriately.

Title & Cover:

Title is good enough, and the cover is simple and sobre.


  • Good attempt
  • Nice portrayal of charachters
  • Perfectly crafted emotions


Some unnecessary, high-end words were used.

My Verdict:

Not just any other short-story book, but this one has a lot of emotions for you to delve in. I literally loved the narration of the authoress. The book keeps you hooked up till the end just because you can easily relate to every story.

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: Twinge of Silence

In Conversation with Simi Chanana