About the Book:

This book is a poetry anthology written by a well-known TV actor – Shahnaz Rizwan. The book contains some of the best poems written in Hindi & Urdu. These poems have been printed in Urdu as well as English print. Surely, the poetess has some kind of magic in her pen which gave us this book filled with several emotions.

Writing & Narration:

The writing as well as the narration, both of them are quite appropriate.

Title & Cover:

The title matches well with the content of the book and the cover has Shahnaz ma’am’s picture printed, which makes it even more beautiful.


  • Nicely crafted poems
  • Good attempt at narration
  • Touch the right chords


I couldn’t find anything bad in this book.

My Verdict:

For those who can deeply understand the love of poems, this book is for them. These poems make us go through different emotions and I bet, you wouldn’t refrain from saying ‘Wah’ at the end of every poem.

Ratings: 4/5

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In Conversation with Shahnaz Rizwan