Fish King Gene, king of Oceana kingdom, is living a beautiful life with his wife, she is pregnant, all was going well, but one-day witch Volcania, a crab met him and force him to marry her, but Gene refused the proposal as he was madly in love with his wife, Crab Volcania in revenge, snatch his kingdom by attacking him with the help of her evil powers, Gene try to defeat her with his magical powers but Volcania’s evil power were much stronger so Gene decided to run away with his wife Diana, presbyter of his kingdom Joshua and some of his trustworthy courtiers, on the way Diana gave birth to Diva, that girl child was looking so divine with blue eyes. Golden hairs, dimpled cheeks, and mind-blowing smile. Joshua told Gene that Diva is Divine fairy fish, she will be the reason of Volcania’s death, she will bring Oceana back with his Partner, who has taken birth somewhere in this world, Diva is born with a moon mark, and only she can kill Volcania, Gene feel so happy by hearing it, they are now in Rala kingdom, which is kingdom of Diana’s brother David, Diva is growing up, unaware of fact that she is princess of Oceana, Taurus is her best friend whom with she plays, laugh and explore the sea, her life takes a twist when she met Aaron, the boy who is her destiny. Aaron train Diva for war, and make her realize her hidden strong good powers, Eventually they fall in love, after some time Diva comes to know that she is princess of Oceana kingdom not of Rala kingdom, she comes to know truth about Volcania, which will be killed by her only, she will be killed when Diva broke the mirror with a blue crystal stone, that mirror in which life of Volcania has stuck, now that mirror and that crystal are unknown to all, but Volcania have that mirror, which she got from evil God after praying 100 years, but crystal is still unknown to her also, Ruinous, son of Volcania fall in love with Diva, he try to get her at any cost, Diva makes Ruinous his weapon against Volcania, story goes ahead about how?

Diva manage to find that crystal, how Diva and Aaron defeat Volcania. Now, where is the crystal, how it is found, how truth wins over evil, how Taurus, at last, become a hero, how Diva bring back her father’s kingdom is all will be known only when the book will be read till end………

About the Book:

The story is about Diva – a mermaid and her kingdom. Although she’s very naive and innocent, but when it comes to saving lives of her own people, she steps ahead with all her strength and fights back the enemies. Her chemistry with Aaron – a human – is quite good.

Writing & Narration:

Although the narration part is good but the writing part could have been better.

Title & Cover:

Title & cover both are good enough.


  • Good attempt
  • Nice portrayal of charachters
  • Perfect for bedtime stories


Writing part could have been better and the story lacks proper editing.

My Verdict:

All this while, I was reading and reviewing different kinds of books, but this was my first time with a story meant for children. A good attempt at explaining things by the authoress. So, if your children are story lovers, this book would fit the requirement very easily.

Ratings: 3/5

Buy: Diva “The Ocean Princess”: story of love and sacrifice

In Conversation with Kusum Vijay Kumar