“What happens when a helpless son is destined to see his mom, smiling with bruises every day and silently enduring the misery of her marriage with an abusive husband?”

“Why a girl marries a guy, who is rich, handsome, charismatic, immensely loving and… a rapist?”

“Why a simple, introvert boy gets obsessed with 25 years elder married woman even though he knows that it is unacceptable?”

Join Moksh, Alisha, and Vineet in their saga of pain as they turn the dark pages of their dreadful past on a quiet winter night and know how the dice of their destinies rolled in such a way that they eventually ended up with befriending tears, heartbreak, lies and torments, annihilating all their innocence, simplicity and smiles, as the meaning of love, trust and happiness diminishes to something meaningless for them, in the ravaging storm of time.

About the Book:

This book comprises some of the really dark aspects of a human life. Saying that it would be all imaginary might not be true. Because, in some corner of the world, such instances might be happening with some people. This book is all about pain, tragedies, heartaches, suffering, and much more. However, the way the author has described the entire story is incredibly amazing.

Writing & Narration:

Writing & narration – both are up-to-the-mark. The language is quite good and understandable as well. However, there were some printing mistakes.

Title & Cover:

Title & cover both are good enough.


  • Good attempt at explaining feelings
  • Amazingly portraiyed
  • Good language


It went a bit on and off in writing aspect.

My Verdict:

Knowing how a human can possibly suffer is really heartbreaking. The author has wrote this dark story to touch the chords of readers’ hearts. And, he has been successful in it as well. A must read. This book is full of emotions.

Ratings: 4/5

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