The book, primarily, pertains to evolving and strengthening of democratic practices in India, after centuries of political slavery and subjugation under the British rule. The book contains wholesome information on establishment and structure of the Indian Parliament and various constitutionally-elected bodies, their powers and duties under the Indian Constitution.

It narrates the entire political journey of the country – from India’s independence to the last general election in 2014 – enlisting all major political developments like evolvement of various political parties, imposition of emergency, formation of various political fronts and alliances at the centre, formation and fall of various coalition governments, assassination of two Prime Ministers, era of minority governments and finally emergence of Bhartiya Janta Party as a single largest party with absolute majority to gain power at the centre.

The book – based on in-depth research and analytical study – covers the entire gamut of General Elections in India from 1951-52 to 2014. The book also dwells at the length on the policies and programmes pursued by different Prime Ministers during their tenure.

About the Book:

As the book suggests, this book is all about Indian government. Right from the aftermath of Independence to the formation and emergence of the current government, there is almost every part covered by the author.

Writing & Narration:

Writing & narration – both are up-to-the-mark. The language is quite good and understandable as well.

Title & Cover:

Title & cover both are good enough.


  • Proper research has been done
  • Good attempt at explaining
  • Right assemblance of events
  • Good language


I couldn’t find any cons in this book.

My Verdict:

This book, in a way, ignites the intrusiveness to learn more about our country. The author has done a great job at researching and then compiling everything. If you are a least bit interested in India’s government and parliament, start with this book to understand every single aspect easily.

Ratings: 4/5

Buy: Indian Polity & Parliamentary Democracy

In Conversation with Vinod Sharma