World fallen apart is a woebegone story of fatality, fate, and love. It’s a story of an escape from a dusty world, a voyage towards the humanity’s new home. The protagonist of the story is a Kashmiri boy named Mufaiz. An orphan who finds meaning to life by studying Mathematics and Physics. The ramparts of his misery collapse when he joins Mars One, with the love of his life Ayesha. Both of them are a part of the crew chosen for humanity’s first manned Mars mission. A one-way trip towards the planet Mars and they forsake our wretched world forever.

About the Book:

The story revolves around Mufaiz. A little nerdy boy who grows up into a young fine man, fighting with everything coming his way. After being an orphan at an early age, Mufaiz didn’t lose hope and kept his dedication alive for Maths & Physics. And then, in college, he met Ayesha and fell in love. Together, both of them not just experienced love but an amazing & rare mission worth-cherishing.

Writing & Narration:

The author has given his best shot to writing & narration. Every detail has been described perfectly. Characterization is good enough. However, there were still some grammatical mistakes but narration overcomes those instantly.

Title & Cover:

Title & cover could have been a bit better.


  • Good characterization
  • Great attempt at narration
  • Full marks for conceptualization


  • Some little grammatical errors

My Verdict:

As I said, the author has given his perfect shot in describing the story. I liked each and every part of it. A must read to attain inspiration to fight with obstacles.

Ratings: 4/5

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