This book is a journey of a girl becoming a woman. It deals with emotions and issues affecting all of us at some stages of our life journey. The author has written this book to acquaint her readers with issues faced by women at every stage of their lives and how we need to overcome it. She has walked the path and knows how painful love and loss can be. She hopes her words bring solace and strength to readers and they realize that hope is a very vital thing.

It is hope that sustains us. It is hope that makes us see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is hope that renews our faith in us whenever we fall down.

About the Book:

The story revolves around Rani, a teacher. She, with all the strength that she possesses goes out to handle the world. Experiencing love and heartbreak, she manages to live life with hope.

Writing & Narration:

Writing part is quite good and the authoress has tried to do the narration perfectly as well, however, lack of proper editing makes the story a bit on and off.

Title & Cover:

Title & cover both are good enough.


  • Good characterization
  • Great attempt at narration


  • Grammatical errors
  • Not-so-appealing editing

My Verdict:

The book gives a message that no matter what happens in life, don’t try to be demolished. Live your life with hope and every obstacle will be conquered just in time. Must read for inspiration.

Ratings: 3/5

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In Conversation with Rani Patel