Q. I would like you to share something about yourself with our readers.

I am person who gets friendly soon but yet you will not know my other side. A lot of them say that i am extrovert but i am complete introvert. I completed my studies in 2017. And had this passion of writing since i was in 10th. But at that i didn’t had a proper guidance to proceed my dream. Travel with the flow and here i am living my dream of being a writer.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of writing this genre?

I was in my classes when I read about the LGBTQ’S and that really got my attention and inspired me about them.

Q. Where did you find the inspiration to write this book?

I was always in writing. Not much people knew about my writing skill. But some day in my class this friend of mine read some paper and asked me do you write? I had no words to tell about it. After that a lot of people helped me with this. Like my sir Mr. Siba Prasad, my besties – Freak Mason, Aayushi, Niharika, Anil. They have been a great support system for me through out the process.

Q. What exactly does your book convey?

This book is a small story which compels you to think about the other gender of the society and to know where the stand and how they feel about themselves at times.

Q. What all was going in your head while penning down this book?

While i was writing this story i had a strange feeling. Whether i would any justice to that community and try not to hurt anyone’s feeling because its after all about them. So i was trying be careful.

Q. How much time you used to commit to this book?

I started writing this on December. I was pretty sure about the content, conclusions but gradually when i continued i got confused with the end.. so it took 7 to 8 months to complete the whole story.

Q. Was there any moment you backed off from the idea of writing a book?

Yes. There was this one moment when i called my best friend Freak mason and said i am not gonna do this any further its really difficult to write something this long and what if it doesn’t go well? He was the only one who has always handled my mood swings and has always been there with me in my hard times. Whatever i am is all because he help out with things else i would be no one.

Q. How do you handle the criticism that comes towards your way?

A lot of times people come and ask me what are you studying or why are you at home? Do something worthy. Every time i kept quite. I was silent to every question. Because i know what i am doing. Let people what they want to. Let your work speak louder than your words. Be what you have dreamt of rather than living a fake life.

Q. How was your experience with Bluerose throughout the publishing of the book?

Ans. The team of blue rose has been a great support when i needed time for everything they were patient with me. Every member had patience and were really friendly enough and helped me live my dream. A big thank you to the team because without them i would still be finding a way out for my work.

Q. How would you like to advice budding authors?

I just want to say to everyone be it a author or any other field. If its your dream live it. You have got this one life make the most of it. And don’t shout it with words shout it back with work. Prove yourself worth enough by what you do rather with words.

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