A story of a small town girl Khushi. An extrovert girl with an introvert best friend Nitu. Life was amazing until she wished to move hostel for further studies in VSKP. There in girls college and hostel she found an ambivert friend Ishu. They chose to be the only friends for each other. Life was good until they had to part their ways from each other. Gradually she found Gaurav as love of her life but wherein Khushi had different plans for life. As Khushi was confused about what she want in her life. She had options Animesh and Ishu. Whom will she be able to say her feelings? Will she be able to reach her destiny or will stop in the mid of her love life?

About the Book:

The story revolves around Khushi and her life. It tells about he her school life, her college life, her friends, her attachment with her grandmother, and her dilemma for her love life.

Writing & Narration:

Although the authoress has tried and gave her best shot, however, there are still some editing and proofreading mistakes that can be corrected in the next slot.

Title & Cover:

Title & cover both match well with the book.


  • Good characterization
  • Great attempt at putting the story in front


  • Editing & grammar could have been better

My Verdict:

In a way, Khushi belongs to every bubbly and full-of-life girl. She loves her friends and can love her family till death. The book has a good story and can be an amazing weekend read. A one time read book that can pass your time well.

Ratings: 3/5

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