Q. I would like you to share something about yourself with our readers.

I am born in Srinagar, J&K in the year 1949 when the winds were very serene and peaceful. My father was a great scholar and a lawyer by profession. Had a middle class life but very satisfying. We were four sisters & a brother, all different in nature. My parents often used to tell me that I am like my grandfather Shri Lal Ji Zadoo who also was a great writer and a Pandit (advisor) at kings palace. I feel that was the first thing which motivated me for penmanship as I used to see myself like him. I often used to read his books and had started dreaming to be an author one day. Today I thank those instances and the people who made my dream come true. Also not the least my in-laws who supported me at every juncture and special thanks to my Husband Shri S L Razdan and my kids.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of writing this genre?

I had pen down many stories and poems and used to get them published in various magazines within India and some for our Indians especially Kashmiris staying abroad. It is like a dream come true when I compiled my few unpublished stories and poems to get it into a form of a book. It has a mix of fiction and reality. I would also say that the ease of compiling my effort into a book was complimented with BlueRose publishers who made such things really easy and wonderful.

Q. Where did you find the inspiration to write this book?

Writing was always a passion, I have been writing since last 30 years almost. But yes the real inspiration was the sadness related to exodus and then the miserable plight of our women. These two topics create most content of my book. It has few good memories of Kashmir and a painful sentiment of leaving home land which we left in 1990 due to migration from Kashmir to Jammu. Even many topics some or the other way touch the beauty or natural resource which Kashmir was bestowed with God’s grace. From last few years rising crime against women especially Nirbhaya astonished my mind. Not much but you will find my intention to spread a strong word for females. Also verses touch the strength a woman can possess.

Q. What exactly does your book convey?

Key messages are related to respecting women, stop female foeticide, make a peaceful world and a desire from a Kashmiri heart to return back to home land. It also has showcases the culture and scenic beauty of Kashmir. However few fictions are added to create a complete bouquet for a reader.

Q. What all was going in your head while penning down this book?

I think I have covered in my previous answers. Mostly the exodus, Women empowerment and desire to go back to Kashmir.

Q. How much time you used to commit to this book?

This book is an effort of many years. Since I had no idea earlier when I can be a book author. Although I used to be author in various magazines but a book of own was a far dream. So when I finally decided I took all my old to new compilations mainly after 1990 when we migrated to Jammu from Kashmir and BlueRose gave it a shape of wonderful book.

Q. Was there any moment you backed off from the idea of writing a book?

I would rather say, if it wouldn’t have been BlueRose I couldn’t have been a writer. My journey would have ended as a writer / poet participating in local cultural events or whose few stories or poems are getting published in various magazines. There was ideally no look back when I started working on this project.

Q. How do you handle the criticism that comes towards your way?

My belief is very clear that with appreciation you are encouraged and with criticism you are actually forced to do more with refinement or betterment. Both should be accepted with open arms.

Q. How was your experience with Bluerose throughout the publishing of the book?

No words for BlueRose, it was simply excellent. My first book and the feeling is to release second immediately as all things were made simple to execute at my end. It was a great experience and a wonderful journey with the team both at frontend and backend. Specially thanks to Aditya and Preeti with whom I had maximum interaction.

Q. How would you like to advice budding authors?

Writing is a passion and improves as you put your heart and soul in it. One should never stop and keep writing. Some fine day you will be recognized. Currently the world is changing fast so bring a continuous freshness in ideas before you pen it down. My first book came at an age of 68 and I named it “Safar Zindagi Ka” as Safar should never end till God advises. Good Wishes to all.

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