People contributed to various life aspects science, politics, literature, art, social activities and so many other fields. These genius minds put a keen interest in every phenomenon right from when they were young. The zeal, passion, dedication, hard work and efforts they put in their work helped them discover something new about the world we live in. Their names are engraved in the sands of time for their work in the welfare of the mankind with different inventions that have made our lives easy, enjoyable and successful.

About the Book:

This book can be considered as a biography of several famous personalities. Right from Mahatama Gandhi to Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, to several others, the author has, very keenly, dived into their lives and written some interesting facts about them.

Writing & Narration:

Written in Hindi, the writing style of the author is appropriate. The way he has described even the littlest of details is quite appreciative. Also, the narration part is beautifully done as well.

Title & Cover:

The title and cover both match well with the book.


  • Something new to learn
  • Different from other books
  • Appropriate narration


  • The concept went a bit boring at some places

My Verdict:

There have been innumerable idols in the history. We may know their names and a bit about them, but surely, we don’t know the major details. So, this book is the one that tells us everything. The author has penned down several details about major people. If you like to dig deeper into history, this is the book for you.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Buy:  Vishwa Prasiddh Vyaktitva (Hindi Edition)

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