Studying farm people is nothing less than knowing the majority of the population and their socio-economic characteristics including the problems and prospects of any developing country like ours. Education, in its all form, is a panacea for all, has shown its miraculous impact on the growth and development of the economy in general and on the far, productivity and efficiency of farm people in particular. There may be instances of invisibility of impact of education on farm production, no such instances are found where higher education of the farm people leads to low productivity and efficiency. In this backdrop the book will shed lights on the details about farm production, their economic characteristics and the issues that come in while applying empirical production function; the linkage between education and farm productivity in general; empirical methods on evaluating productivity and efficiency of the farm people and their education. The book has provided a detailed analysis of empirical results of how along with other primary inputs education of the farm people affects their efficiency while producing different food and non-food crops. This book will be an asset to those who are dealing with farm efficiency and productivity analysis.

About the Book:

As mentioned in the blurb, the book is an asset for those who are indulged in farm production. The book contains all the information you would require to understand the concept of farm production.

Writing & Language:

The book has been written in easy-to-understand and simple English so that readers don’t find any jargon words in it.

Book Title & Cover:

Both the title & cover match well with the book concept.


  • Detailed concept about farm production
  • Easy language
  • Simple read


  • Only for the farm production interested people

My Verdict:

This book is mainly for those who are interested in farm production. From the perception of learning and understanding, this book is a perfect choice.

Ratings: 3/5

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In Conversation with Dr. Rangalal Mohapatra