“I am not the only girl who falls in love with someone; I am not the only girl whom someone loves crazily; I am not the only girl who sees daydreams and for sure, I am not the only girl who wishes to achieve something in life.”

Sakshi Sinha, a sweet and simple girl, is pursuing engineering from a college of Greater Noida. She meets two guys at the almost same time: Kabir Awasthi, a decent, intelligent, and soft-spoken boy, studies in IIT; and Rajat Chauhan, a handsome, rich, and overconfident boy, studies in her college.

What should a girl do if someone becomes eclipse of her dreams? What should she do if someone places a piece of heavy granite, just before her each step? However, what should she do if such person professes to love her the most?

Three years later, at the age of 22, Sakshi has only 2 choices: either marry Rajat or let her life go through the crisis. What will she do? How will she find a way to get out of all these?

It is a story about Sakshi’s true love and a psychic stalker. It is a story about her biggest fear and her courageous decisions.

About the Story:

The story revolves around Sakshi, who has left her house to pursue higher studies in Greater Noida. Just like any other girl, Sakshi also faces some troubling scenario in her college life. The guy who loved her was not Sakshi’s dream man and who she found Mr. right rejected her proposal. There were several up and downs that she had to face – right from threatening messages to photograph leaking days. But, what is going to be the end of everything? Will it be happy, or will it be sad?

Writing & Narration:

The writing & narration part is great. The authoress has described every detail perfectly. Characterization has done nicely. However, there were some problems in grammar. If that can be corrected in the next edition, it will be perfect.

Title & Cover:

Considering the bold steps that the protagonist takes in her life, the title is appropriate as per the story. And the cover is intriguing as well.


  • Interesting story
  • Perfect characterization
  • Basic and understandable language


  • Grammatical errors

My Verdict:

This one is the story of anxiousness, love, betrayal, threats, and bold steps. Sakshi has been showed as a naïve but confident girl. She takes the required steps and changes her destiny for the better. A one time read that will be perfect for your weekend.

Ratings: 3/5

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