Everyone gathered around as the child opened his eyes. They stared at the monitor as the chip attached to the child’s optic nerve began to relay his vision on it. There was nothing. The child appeared to watch an empty corner of the room, focusing his eyes on something invisible. The people around followed his gaze, but could only see a blank wall. Puzzled, they looked at each other inquiringly. The child continued to stare.

“Look!” said Natasha, suddenly. The monitor on the table came to life, and a faint image began to form on the screen. As they all watched intently, the faint image began to form the dark shape of a human. In a few moments, there was a hazy outline of a woman staggering towards the door. The image soon became clear, taking the distinct form of a woman. Slowly, she appeared to come closer to the screen. All of a sudden, her face became clear. She raised her eyes and looked at them. Everyone gasped and fell back, frozen…..

About the Book:

The book contains a horror plotline. It talks about a unique invention and creates a magic of suspense. Slowly and steadily, readers get answers to all the questions. The story is an amalgamation of horror & science which has worked really well for the author.

Writing & Narration:

Every character in the books comes with an individual story; hence, the author has managed to weave magic with his words. The suspense portion is quite amazing and intact throughout the story. While the plot kicks off slowly, it paces up through the end.

Cover & Title:

The cover as well as the title, both are intriguing and charming.


  • An unusual concept
  • Interesting & amazing read
  • Perfect chracterization


  • Gradual pace

My Verdict:

This book offers you something that you wouldn’t have read so far. The author has put a lot of efforts in executing the story, which is visible with the information provided. Amazing writing skills make it even more interesting to read. So, if you are looking for something amazing, then pick this one.

Ratings: 4/5

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