Archana Das – poetess of Shabdon ki Behti Dariya – is one of the most beautiful creator of words. Lately, I got a chance to review her book and have a conversation with her. Here is an excerpt from the conversation:

Q1. I would like you to share something about yourself with our readers.

Well, people see me as a moody & introvert girl by my personality, which is funny. I am kind of opposite person as my personality shows.

I think that’s why people should not judge any person by only the appearance. Sometimes, I see my image in the mirror & trying to find what others are seeing in me and don’t know why, I can not find that expression. It is a question mark on its own.

And If I would really like to share something about me to my readers, I want to let them think about it.

“There is no need to research about the whole world, If you found yourself”

Heard somewhere & surely would follow this to find my galaxy.

Q2. How did you come up, with this idea of writing this genre?

Ans.I am sure, you would have definitely heard this type of lines from our elders.

“Little injury, gives terror pain”

This is the idea behind my writing – the Poetry Genre.

I do not remember the exact words but I give a try & I think I made a quote.

Q3. Where did you find the inspiration to write this book?

Ans. I believe,

“There is no one, who can inspire you except you.”

You are the only one who knows actually who you are and how better you are than others. And after that, I finally found the inner volcano that inspired me to write a book.

Q4. What exactly does your book convey?

Ans. My book and I tried to convey every person is trapped in their own made mud with the falls hope, gained by themselves that they will come out from worse situation one day, and they do believe, will come out for sure doing nothing, which is totally wrong. My book says the same if you do not understand that you & your feet are trapped in mud, that you made not others.

You have to understand, that your backward mind is a problem which is not ready to accept, what time gives.

Q5. What was all going in your head while penning down the book?

Ans. As the same, I was trapped in my own muddy mind & hoped, would solve the worse situations on its own, I was wrong, nothing changed. I dare to accept challenges given by time. And today maybe my dare to penning down a book got little success. This is what exactly was in my head while writing.

Q6. How much time did you use to commit to this book?

Ans. I’d written this book 5 years back but never planned to publish. It was sudden thought that came to my mind & then decided to publish. And after a long re-evaluation, I published my Hindi Poetry Book this year in January.

Q7. Was there any moment you backed off from the idea of writing a book?

Ans. Yes, while I was writing and it was about to be completed, only the formation was left. I thought, what others would think if I fail?

Again my muddy mind tried to trap me but I chose not to distract because I heard my inner voice & started being deaf when others were trying to pull my leg.

Q8. How do you handle the criticism that comes toward your way?

Ans. Criticism is a part of our life. It is not only for writing book which brings criticism with. If we do something, People do criticize. If we do not do anything then the same, People do criticize.

 Q9. How was your experience with Blue Rose throughout the publishing of book?

Ans. It was a great experience, Blue Rose team helped me a lot to publish my book on time. And as a new in this field had no idea who will help or not. Thanks to Blue Rose who made me wrong on this point.

Q10. How would you like to advice budding authors?

Ans. Would definitely like to advise my budding authors to tie-up with Blue Rose.

Book Review: Shabdon Ki Behti Dariya