With every poem, there is an image associated with it. Even if the reader doesn’t connect with the entire collection, there would be at least one such poem that they would connect with. The journey from birth to death has been beautifully depicted by the author in these verses. These poems will surely make readers ponder over life, the beauty and transitory nature of it. The set of 24 poems comprises of numerous emotions including happiness, love, anger, curiosity, and others. The poems showcase emotions and incidents linked to every human. Once you read this collection, poems will stay in your memory for long and even change your view towards life.

About the book:

As mentioned in the blurb, the book is the collection of 24 poems, covering different genres, such as life, friendship, love, and more. The poems are very short and crisp and have an essence of amazingness.

Writing & Presentation:

The poetess has put a lot of efforts in completing these poems, and making them as amazing as she could. Her efforts are quite visible in every page, too.

Cover & Title:

The cover is extremely simple, and the title is quite attractive.


  • Touched the right chords
  • Poems on every emotion


  • Editing could have been good

My verdict:

For those who love reading poems, this book may look great in your hand or in your shelf. There are some amazing poems that you can find in this book, laced with touching emotions. So, just give it a try once and relish the beauty of life.

Ratings: 3/5

In Conversation with Durganshi Jal