All we need is just to take some time to come at the bank of this river of joy and sorrow. We should look at it without flowing into it. Sometimes we should look at life standing beside it. To get the answer of the question, ”Why?” For that, we must think and before that we must have time to think. Time is the best teacher. Many times in life we have thought to commit suicide because life had forced us to do so. But we should learn from life how to survive, how to live and how to forgive, as RINTA did. This is a motivational story for those who want to live, who want to survive.

About the story:

This story revolves around a female protagonist, Rinta Choudhary. Trapped in the sorrows and struggles of life, she starts questioning the things around her. With the dilemma of believing or not-believing, she finds some answers. And, concludes that whatever happens, happens for the best. Fighting with the odds of life, she comes out as a warrior.

Writing & Narration:

The writing style of the author is conventional. The story is understandable and has been written in a simple manner.

Book Cover & Title:

Both the cover and the title compliment the plot well. The way author has shown different colors of the life is appreciable.


  • Simple plot
  • Adequate narration
  • Good life-lessons


  • a bit of editing is required
  • story goes on & off at some places

My Verdict:

When it comes to understanding life, most of us fail at that aspect. It’s not easy to rationalize what is happening and why is happening. So, if you are also stuck somewhere in your life, this book can be a ray of hope for you. Motivational and inspiring, the book is appropriate for those who are fighting.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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