I had a chance to talk to the author of “The Colors of Tree.” Here is a short excerpt from the conversation with Nagender Sehrawat.

Q. I would like you to share something about yourself with our readers.

I am a very simple man with kind heart. Though I am a banker by profession but understanding human behavior is my primary business. World should not underestimate the people who speak less or keep calm, they are utilizing their energy somewhere. This is my way of thinking.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of writing this genre?

Every output needs an input. Every experience is taught to me by life.

Q. Where did you find the inspiration to write this book?

I really don’t know since when I was thinking about to be an author. When I was child, I used to read comics; I remember I used to write stories for comics in my mind. I think it is a God given gift to me.

Q. What exactly does your book convey?

It is a story of survival. The human world is also a jungle, life is not easy here. Everyone has to face the odds here more or less at different times. The story is about Rinta who found the world full of scars. She had a lot of questions about society, customs and even existence of God. But time taught her secrets of survival. Later on she found that all the customs, people and even God is not wrong. Some are for good of us. We have to learn to overcome our troubles on our own, and that’s the way meant for life.

Q. What all was going in your head while penning down this book?

Nagender Sehrawat

Today youngsters are mislead, they are not aware about our culture, our traditions. They even question our traditions. But they should understand that our ancient traditions are for good of us. Even if they can’t follow our traditions they should at least know them in order to know themselves.

Q. How much time you used to commit to this book?

For me it was a difficult task to complete the story with my full day routine banking business. Though it took one and half year to complete it.

Q. Was there any moment you backed off from the idea of writing a book?

NO. I was same passionate the day I finished it as the day I was when I started it. I never thought about to drop.

Q. How do you handle the criticism that comes towards your way?

In a very simple way by ignoring it.

Q. How was your experience with Bluerose throughout the publishing of the book?

Bluerose are a group of professionals, they undertakes a task to complete it. I really didn’t know when the publishing was over. Really they done a great job.

Q. How would you like to advice budding authors?

Just keep calm and focus on your work. Never ignore the world completely, just listen to everything and take what is useful and let the other go. Never show off, reply hard with your work instead of words.


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