“Her heart throbbed… “Will I ever be able to see him again? Will I be…….?” Three and a half decades after parting ways with her first love James, Nandini visits her old school for its Golden Jubilee celebrations, eager to meet James. But to her utter disappointment, no one could help her trace him. Visiting her school rekindles old emotions and she longs to find out, how her beloved James was now. Twists and turns in Nandini’s life as she faces heartbreak and longing, which are both touching and painful. Set against a picturesque background of enchanting Kerala; the story is bound to captivate the reader on a journey of love, life and destiny…”

About the book:

The book is about separation and getting along with it. Love and destiny braid the story of Nandini and James. Set up in the impeccable and breathtaking scenarios of Kerala – it’s a beautiful story inside out and written with love and with feelings of separation.

Writing and narration:

Writing and narration are lively and transports the readers into the world of Nandini and James. In the plains and valleys of Kerala, this book is a heaven for a reader who prefers solitude and loves to be cradled in the lap of nature. The characterization is appreciable as the author is able to convey the feelings of joy and separation in a very apt manner.

Title and cover:

As the Breeze whistled Past is an appropriate title with a tinge of originality in it that goes well with the story line as the past of Nandini comes back whistling to her from the woods of Kerala. The book cover is beautiful and can attract readers with an equally descriptive yet crispy blurb.


  • story is touching and simple
  • beautifully described


  • story lacks proper proofreading

My verdict:

The book gets more indulging as one proceeds towards its end. It becomes un-put-down-able after the second half and keeps the readers hooked. Nandini is a well-expressed character and the main lead of this book which actually speaks aloud the mind of the readers. The book overall is an amalgamation of the incidents that occur in the lives of Nandini and James. A book written with the Feelings well expressed. The author has served justice to the characters by keeping them intact in the story frame with correct pace and length.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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