“Is there a God?

Is there a purpose to the universe?

Why are we here? Is everything a result of chance?

These questions have haunted all seekers of truth. Today, we are facing a crisis in modern thought due to the challenges posed by science, which has forced us to question the very idea of God. The conclusions of scientific paradigm have led many of us into the grasp of atheism, agnosticism, and nihilism. The younger scientific generation, in particular, seeks a purpose to existence and a cause behind everything. The current crisis of thought has emerged from the almost impeccable developments in science over the last 300 years. We cannot seem to reconcile the concept of God that we are taught from childhood with our understanding of the universe as given by science, even those who are established in their faith, are overwhelmed by the sheer logic and reasoning presented by the atheists.

ls there a way out of this crisis? Breaking the God Delusion is a revealing and riveting juxtaposition of faith and science. Written for the modern mind, it shows a way past our existential dilemma. A book that intoxicates the mind, captures the heart and brings solace to the soul.”

About the book:

The story delineates an amazing concept of the universe that we are living in. It helps us grow our prospect so that we become capable enough of finding the true meaning of God. The book offers all the answers that we have been looking for since ages – be it about God, about this universe, or about our existence.

Writing & Narration:

The writing style of the author is quite unique. I loved the way narration has been done. The writing, presentation, and narration are the only aspects that make this book stand apart from the rest.

Title & Cover:

The title of the book is accurate and suits well with the story line. The cover is simple enough.


  • The concept is different
  • Very well-presented
  • Accurate writing & narration


  • I didn’t find any negative point

My Verdict:

Whosoever is bored and fed up of regular stories with love and intimacy filled up, this book offers some relief. This book does not only offer you a good story but also provides you a lot to learn. It expands your knowledge and compels you to think about the universe in a deeper way. One of the amazing books that everyone should give a try.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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