Arpita is on top of the world! After all, she was the fresh face of Ponds India and had snubbed the casting couch of Bollywood to land a leading role in the small screen’s most popular channel. Life never looked more beautiful!

Riku is a small- town man with handsome looks and big-time Bollywood dreams. He has no ethics and is raring to make it at any cost! Unable to bag big roles as the main lead he ends up accepting a romantic role opposite Arpita on the small screen. Betrayed by her own innocence, she finds herself abandoned by her dream man and cannot fathom which is more painful? Whether her failed relationship or her vanishing career!

Riku makes it to the dizzying heights of stardom after leaving her.

Beaten and broken Arpita has to make it again to even exist in a ruthless industry that only celebrates success. It is a savage ordeal even to have a roof over her head and two square meals!

What will happen to her now? Will God punish her forever for making one wrong choice? Will she die in poverty alone? Or fulfill the dreams that she had set out for?

One person must trust her to give her a chance. One opportunity must appear to raise her again! Coming Back Home – will carry you through a roller-coaster ride, yet keep you well -grounded for inspiration.

About the story:

The story circles around Bollywood and the things happening inside the industry. As the blurb suggests, both protagonists are living with the aim to make big in this star-studded industry. Although, both are poles apart. While Arpita is a girl who sticks to her principles, on the contrary, Riku is a lustful man.

While working on the same daily-sop, Arpita and Riku falls in love. As destiny had it, their breakup lead to the stardom of one, and destruction of the other.

Writing & Narration:

Talking about the narration and the writing style of the authoress, Anuradha has done justice with every aspect of this book. The story line is unpredictable and full of twists and turns. Every emotion – be it love, betrayal, or annihilation – has been portrayed beautifully.

Book Title & Cover:

The book title matches well with the concept of the story. And, the book cover is quite alluring and catches the attention at the first glance.


  • Beautiful and unpredictable narration
  • Perfection of emotions
  • Twists and turns


  • A bit of refined editing and accurate proofreading would have made it amazing
  • Off-track at some places

My Verdict:

By reading the blurb, if you think that this book may come within the category of predictable love stories, you are wrong. The book contains a love-story but its narration is way different. While we hear actresses committing suicide for their boyfriends, this book holds a strong message. Arpita is a strong and full of strength. The story shows various emotions in a beautiful form. It is definitely an entertainer and worth grabbing.

Ratings: 4/5

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