What happens when you fall in love at first sight? That too in college, which is supposed to be the best time of one’s life. But is it the best place to find love too?

Viraj falls head over heels in love with his classmate Nimisha, who could make boys on campus go crazy. While his friends Punit and Sahil just want to have fun – despite poor mark-sheets, grace marks to pass, and other everyday adventures – Viraj wants more from his life and love.

Life has led Viraj to the edge of a cliff. He has a choice to make – to forget everything and jump, or fight.

What brought him here? An unrequited love, encounters with law, or the dilemma of grace marks? Where does Viraj’s story eventually end?

Welcome to 37 + Grace Marks, Viraj’s journey to discover that there is more to life than marks.

Writing and narration:

The narration of the story is appreciable. I instantly connected well with the story. It lets you go back in the reverie of your college life. The narration has the power to mesmerize you.

Book cover and title:

The book cover seems appropriate and is fascinating. The title of the story is also relevant with the plot inside. Also, just by reading the title one can predict what is going to be in the pages of the book.


  • Well-narrated.
  • Instant Connection
  • Makes you remember your good old days.


  • Could have been slightly better.
  • Simple plot.

My verdict:

A well-narrated story with a plot that makes sense. The education system of the country is suffering a lot as students are trained to run after excellence but are not learning. Viraj, the main lead is a victim of such scenario. Followed by a chain of events, the climax deserves a big thumbs up.

Ratings: 4/5


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