Himanshika Sharma

When Life Turns Turtle: Journey Of A Bollywood Tramp

In Conversation With Nagender Sehrawat

I had a chance to talk to the author of "The Colors of Tree." Here is a short excerpt from the conversation with Nagender Sehrawat. Q. I would like you to share something about yourself with our readers. I am... Continue Reading →

The Colors of Tree by Nagender Sehrawat

Blurb: All we need is just to take some time to come at the bank of this river of joy and sorrow. We should look at it without flowing into it. Sometimes we should look at life standing beside it.... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With Raj Supe

Raj Supe (aka Kinkar Vishwashreyananda), is a poet, storyteller and novelist. An MBA, he has had a career in advertising, research and creative consulting, before turning to literary and spiritual pursuits. Some of his literary works include the spiritual memoir,... Continue Reading →

When Life Turns Turtle: Journey Of A Bollywood Tramp by Raj Supe

Blurb: Indraneel is a young and successful fil-maker, an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In an intoxicating relationship with a young and beautiful aspiring actress, his next film is being hailed as a blockbuster. Things couldn’t be going any... Continue Reading →

As The Breeze Whistled Past…

Blurb: "Her heart throbbed... "Will I ever be able to see him again? Will I be.......?" Three and a half decades after parting ways with her first love James, Nandini visits her old school for its Golden Jubilee celebrations, eager... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With Gayatri Nair

An Electrical Engineer by profession, Gayatri Nair served as Chief Engineer in the Kerala State Electricity Board and is now enjoying a retired life. Although she had written articles in technical journals during her career, her passion to write a... Continue Reading →

Breaking The God Delusion: From Science to God by Vinay Kumar

Blurb: “Is there a God? Is there a purpose to the universe? Why are we here? Is everything a result of chance? These questions have haunted all seekers of truth. Today, we are facing a crisis in modern thought due... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar, a scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Bangalore, graduated in Electronics and Communications Engineering before doing his Masters in Physics. Albert Einstein has been a lifelong fascination and inspiration for him. Even as a schoolboy the... Continue Reading →

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